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Destin Fishing Charter

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Destin Fishing Charter

Veteran Owned and Operated

Shark Fishing in Destin Florida | Environmental Impact

Shark fishing can occur in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico in the United States. This means that Destin, FL is your optimal destination for an exciting excursion –whether or not you’ve ever taken part in this adventure previously. Right off the coast of Florida, sharks are in massive number cruising the drop offs and beaches. You can leave your next vacation with something new crossed off your bucket list. Keep reading to learn more about shark fishing in Destin Florida!


shark fishing destin florida

What is shark fishing? 

Shark fishing is exactly what it sounds like! You’ll get to experience the thrill of catching this huge fish, both recreationally and commercially using different methods. If you’ve never engaged in this type of fishing, you might wonder why it is of interest to other fish-loving, water-loving individuals. Shark fishing is a focus for both thrill seekers and personal fishermen. The industry has specific regulations to follow, which means that there is a niche for catch and release. 

What types of sharks might I catch? 

Not all sharks are created equal! You’ll be fishing for a wide variety while in Destin. Some of these sharks include…

  • Black tips 
  • Spinner sharks
  • Bonnethead sharks
  • Mako sharks 
  • Bull sharks
  • Dusky sharks
  • Sandbar sharks
  • Hammerhead sharks
  • Nurse sharks
  • Tiger sharks 

Black tips and spinner sharks are the top varieties to catch. Spinner sharks are among the coolest to catch because of their aerial display when hooked. They jump and spin at a full 360 degrees (hence their name!). They’re an awesome fish to catch and will make your journey that much more unique. 

shark fishing destin florida


Bull sharks are also common in the Gulf of Mexico, and they’re a bit more aggressive. You’ll never be bored while fishing in Destin. Dusky sharks also add a bit of a unique flavor because they’re easily over 200 pounds when caught. Be sure to bring your muscles and protein shakes for your post workout!

How does shark fishing impact the environment? 

While shark fishing might sound exciting and like something you MUST do, never lose sight of how our individual actions impact the environment around you. Retaining a shark as a trophy may seem crucial to you, but in reality, it may just wreak havoc for the ecosystem you removed that shark from. When everyone engages in shark fishing, we have a responsibility to ensure that we aren’t harming that environment and can continue to enjoy it. 

Shark Fishing Destin Florida

Sharks are known as one of the top predators in the world and in their individual ecosystems. They help to remove the weak and sick from ecosystems to keep them in balance and ensure diversity. When sharks are removed from the ecosystem, it results in an imbalance in our oceans. There’s an overabundance in fish and other species whom they prey on. These species, in turn, deplete coral reefs, seagrass beds, and other fish and throw off the ecosystem entirely. 

Protecting sharks is crucial to ensuring the survival of a healthy ecosystem. While your desire to catch one may be high, don’t overestimate that you can snap a picture in a second, and through it back to continue the balance of the world below. The ecosystem and economy are maintained by this fantastic featured, and it’s much more valuable to us alive than dead. 

Shark Fishing Destin Florida


For example, according to Oceana, sharks are worth $250,000 in the Bahamas due to their role in the dive industry. Ecotourism is huge and individuals now look to experience the ocean and its habitat—as well as to preserve it. While this shark may be alive and worth $250,000, when a fisherman sells it at market, it’s only worth $50. Snap your picture and throw it back. Catch and release is always the way to go!

Final thoughts

Interested in shark fishing in Destin Florida (catch and release style)? Lion’s Tale Adventures is your veteran owned and operated Destin fishing charter. We offer a wide variety of services to anyone and everyone looking to have a great time out on the water. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll come away with new knowledge and fun memories. Click here for more information. 

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