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Destin Fishing Charter

Veteran Owned and Operated

Destin Fishing Charter

Veteran Owned and Operated

Sight and Fly-Fishing Destin, Fl

Sight and Fly-Fishing in Destin, FL

Sight-fishing and fly fishing in Destin, FL is a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll have the opportunity to fly fish for huge redfish off the white sand bottom beaches of one of the best cities in Northwest Florida. Keep reading for all you need to know about these types of fishing and the fun waiting for you. Lion’s Tale Adventure knows all the best tips and tricks. 

Fly Fishing Destin Florida

What is sight-fishing? 

Sight-fishing requires you to spot fish in the water, which sounds far easier than it actually is. Distinguishing the features of the fish beneath the surface of the water can be tricky depending on where you are and how much experience you have. Some people look to see whether they can see shiny spots with shadows over it. Fish tend to linger over their beds, and it can be difficult to figure out if they’re spawning, protecting fry or just idling. A pair of sunglasses with colored lenses can help to create contrast between the water and fish. Your color choice for your lenses is truly just a personal preference.  

Once you’ve found a fish, you’ll want to select the proper bait so that you can catch the fish. Baiting with something brightly colored can be advantageous to catch the fish’s attention—as long as it doesn’t mimic prey. You’ll have to cast your bait accurately and with the proper amount of stealth, so you don’t scare your target fish away. In the end, sight-fishing takes concentration and a keen eye. 

What is fly-fishing? 

Fly-fishing is unique because of the angling technique that it uses. The casting is different because you don’t use a standard lure, spinner or plug with a fly rod and line. It’s extremely lightweight and is supposed to represent something small like an insect, small fish or shrimp. The line itself used in fly-fishing is heavy and can be “swung” in the air and carry the fly out over the water. Fly-fishing is a truly fun way to switch up your fishing days. While catch fish with a spinning rod may get monotonous and boring, this is the way to shake things up. 

Fly Fishing Destin Florida

What is a Redfish? 

Redfish are commonly found on all Florida coasts along shell bars and rocky or grassy shorelines. The Choctawhatchee Bay is the perfect spot to fish for redfish while you’re in Destin, FL. They are typically caught sight-fishing. They’re a beautiful bronze or reddish color with a white underside. They’re sizeable and range from 10 to 12 pounds but can go all the way up to 30 pounds. This means that they’re a great option for your table when you’re looking to catch and eat. Redfish are a favorite among most anglers and taste great when fresh. 

Put your sight and fly-fishing skills to the test with redfish in Destin, FL! If you ever feel like you need a long and relaxing vacation in the great outdoors, there is no better place to spend it. You have everything you need—perfect weather and beautiful scenery and you’ll be fishing from 26″ Pathfinder. Don’t miss it. 


Fly Fishing Red Fish Destin Florida

Interested in coming to sight or flying fishing in Destin Florida? Or maybe Offshore Fishing is more your speed? Either way, Lion’s Tale Adventure is your veteran owned and operated fishing charter. We offer a wide variety of services to anyone and everyone looking to have a great time out on the water. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll come away with new knowledge and fun memories. Click here for more information. 

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