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Destin Fishing Charter

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Vermilion Snappers: Offshore Fishing in Destin, FL

The vermilion snapper – also known as the mingo – is located on all Florida coasts. This panfish variety is ideal for anyone looking to bring back a decent sized haul at the end of the day. Keep reading to learn more about this fish and how you can experience a memorable fishing adventure catching Vermilion Snappers in Destin, FL.

Vermillion Snappers Destin, Florida

What is the vermilion snapper?

The vermilion snapper is a reef fish and loves to inhabit any type of “bottom” surface, which means it’s common to find them around offshore wrecks and reefs. You’ll recognize them from their pretty, graduated tone of red to pink to white. They’re currently recognized as a smart seafood choice because (under U.S. regulations) they’re sustainably managed and responsibly harvested. This makes them the perfect choice if you love fishing but also want to see your hobby or livelihood survive for decades to come.

Vermillion Snappers Destin, Florida


Where can I catch vermilion snappers?

Vermilion primarily inhabit all Florida coasts and are most common in the north. This makes Destin the perfect spot for mingo snappers. Our Destin Charter boats can take you out and bring you home with enough to feed your entire family. We’re experts at finding just the right offshore wrecks, reefs, and ledges that these vermilion loves to inhabit. Around 80 to 350 feet depths is the are they’re typically found.


Vermillion Snappers Destin, Florida

What fish family are vermilion?

Vermilion are in the family of Lutjanidae. The family is usually referred to as “snappers” and includes mingos as well as red snappers and white snappers. They typically inhabit tropical and subtropical regions of the ocean. They are primarily marine fish and the family has roughly 113 species altogether.

How do vermilion taste?

Vermilion snappers can be a tasty dinner after you’ve spent all day fishing. Because they’re not incredibly difficult to catch, you can feel confident that you’ll come home with a large enough amount to feed the whole family. The mingo snapper has a delicate and sweet flavor. When you cook it up, it becomes firm and flaky. Here are vermilion snapper cooking instructions to get you started for your first time.

Vermillion Snappers Destin, Florida

How To: Cook Vermilion Snapper

You can bake them, fry them, grill them or blacken them. They’re the perfect multi-use fish for whatever your family prefers! Click here for recipe ideas.

What is the average size of the vermilion snapper?

Vermilion snappers are typically in the 1 to 3-pound range. If you get really lucky, you may get a giant mingo that weighs in above 4 pounds. For length, most are between 14 and 24 inches (maximum).

What bait should I use and where do I find them?

When catching mingos, you’ll use a multiple hook rig and bait them with squid, mackerel, shrimp, etc. It’s common for these types of fish to bite eagerly at any type of small bait. So make sure your bait is small, and don’t hesitate to use something tasty. Drop your rig to the bottom of your target area (wreck, reef, ledge, etc.). Keep in mind that you’ll probably catch more than one fish with each of these drops, and they may not be all vermilion snappers. You can catch red snappers, triggerfish, white snappers, etc. Anything that hangs out with a vermilion snapper might get caught up in the fray.


Looking to try your hand at vermilion snapper fishing? I’m happy to take you out! Destin offshore fishing is a great way to spend any day and our charter boats help to maximize your experience. You’ll be able to experience Destin deep sea fishing the right way. Thanks for reading and I hope to fish with you soon!

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